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A country with magnificent blend of different races, Brazil facts for kids are definitely worth reading. It has rich cultural traditions and above all, there are many Portuguese-speaking living in this country. Brazil is home to 44 national parks that have become the hallmark of this country. In ancient times, the country was once a colony of Portugal but achieved freedom in 1822 and today it has turned out to be one of the developed countries whose economies are on the rise. Brazil is among those countries that have rich wildlife and extensive natural resources. Besides there are sixty seven secluded ethnic groups living in Brazil. So you want to know more about Brazil facts for kids? Let’s explore this wonderful country even more.

List Of Most Amazing Brazil Facts For Kids

The term Brazil is derived from the name of a tree called ‘Brazilwood’.

Brazil is the biggest state in South America.

According to geographical area and population, Brazil stands as the 5th biggest country of the world.

It is also the biggest country in terms of Portuguese-speaking people.

The economy of Brazil is the 6th biggest in the world according to nominal GDP while 7th biggest according to Purchasing Power Parity.

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In 1500s, the Portuguese were the first people to call this state as Brazil.

Brazil gained freedom from Portugal in September 07, 1822.

Almost 29 percent of the Brazilian people lived under slavery in 1823.

The creation of Brasilia was embarked on 1960.

There is no other country that sits on the equator except Brazil.

Pico da Neblina is the largest mountain in Brazil.

The second biggest river of the world, Amazon, also flows through Brazil.

The lion’s share of Amazon Rainforest is situated in Brazil.

The biological diversity in Brazil is the biggest across the globe.

Brazil is the third biggest producer of jumbo jet in the whole world.

There are nearly 4 million species of plants and animals in Brazil.

During 24 years up till 2003, almost 500,000 people were put to sleep through the illegal use of weapons in this country.

Having the strength of 371,199 armed troops; Brazilian forces are certainly the biggest in the whole Latin America.

The Air Force of Brazil is the biggest in Latin America.

When it comes to export of farmed goods, Brazil stands at the third biggest exporter of such products.

The biggest hydroelectric plant for producing energy is located in Brazil known as ‘Itaipu Dam’.

Brazil stands at the tenth position in the list of ten biggest energy-consuming countries.

With a massive number of 2,500 airfields, Brazil stands at the second position in the world just behind USA.

São Paulo-Guarulhos International Airport of Brazil is the biggest as well as the most occupied airport of the world.

From the time in-between 1880 to 1930, almost four million Europeans settled here in Brazil.

Brazil also embraces the biggest community of Catholic faith in the world.

Football is the well-known sport in Brazil and everybody fancy playing it.

A Quick Guide To Brazil Facts For Kids

Population: 193 million

The Capital City: Brasília

The Biggest City: Brasília

Official Language: Portuguese

Date of Independence: September 7, 1822

Size of Pico da Neblina: 9,823 feet

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