Keeping Your Dog’s Diet a Healthy One

As humans, what we eat and what our diet consists of is one of the most important things relating to our health and wellbeing. For pets such as dogs, is it the same. A dog’s diet is the most important thing in its life, and it is vital that we know exactly what we should be feeding them, what amount and when.

Your dog needs a balanced diet, and one that contains the necessary nutrients and goodness to help them grow and lead a healthy life. From its early moments as a young puppy, all the way to adulthood, it is the diet that you feed your dog, which will play the most important role in the quality of your dog’s life, and how long they can be expected to live.

There are so many different brands and types of dog foods that it is not unusual to be overwhelmed by the huge choice you’ll find in front of you at the local pet shop. Knowing which product is better or more beneficial over another can take a bit of researching. 

You’ll find a lot of review sites online, with some specifically geared towards dog foods, so a search online for a brand you are interested in is well worth your time. Just fire up your preferred search engine and type in a brand such as Ava dog food review, and have a look at what people think of that specific brand of dog food. 

What to feed them

There are different types of food that you can feed your canine companion, with the two most popular forms of dog food being dry and wet foods. Both have their benefits over each other, with some dog owners feeding their pets a combination of both, while others will stick to one type of dog food.

Wet foods for example, are those we will serve straight from the can or container, and which usually contain water. This type of dog food is good for puppies who may not be able to chew dry foods very well. However, it can get a little messy and once you’ve opened the food, you’ll need to use it all within a few days to save it from spoiling.

Dry foods on the other hand can last for much longer periods of time, and are much easier to store. You’ll also notice that this type of food isn’t as messy as it’s wet counterpart. Dry food is also a cheaper option than wet or raw foods.

Raw foods is another type of dog food that many dog owners feed their pets. The raw foods are made by the owner or are purchased in the pet shops. 

How much to feed them

The amount of food you should be feeding your dog depends on a number of different factors. You have to take into consideration the type of dog. For example, a Doberman will eat a lot more than a poodle or a Jack Russell. 

Secondly, you need to take into account the age of your dog. If your dog is a puppy and still growing, then you will need to feed them different portions than you would if they were an adult.

Most dog foods will have guides on the packaging about the portion sizes  you should be feeding your pet. One benefit that dry food has over wet food is that it is much easier to measure, so you can be sure that you are feeding them exact amounts they are supposed to be eating.

When to feed them

Again, this is something that will depend on the type of dog and their size. Most people will usually put food down for their dogs between 1-3 times a day, and it will usually always be the same amount of food. However, some animal welfare experts are suggesting that in order to reduce the risk of bloating, it is much healthier to put down 2 or more smaller portions per day, and to have these meals spaced evenly throughout the day. For example, times such as 09:00, 14:00 and 20:00 are good times for three balanced meals each day.

Dogs will usually get used to a feeding routine so it is important that if you so set a schedule for your furry friends feeding, then you keep that schedule, and don’t start randomly changing the times throughout the day. This will cause confusion for your pet and in the long term may be bad for their wellbeing.

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